Prepare for Takeoff. Again. And Again. And Again… JetBlue Offers “All You Can Jet”

by Freddy J. Nager, Founder & Fusion Director, Atomic Tango LLC

Never unpack again.

Never unpack again.

Suddenly, millions of Americans are making lists of where they would like to go. Others are wishing they hadn’t wasted all their vacation days during the summer. College football fans are checking their team schedules and packing extra jerseys. And Gov. Mark Sanford can park the state jet for a month.

In a deft bit of marketing, JetBlue is offering an “All-You-Can-Jet” pass that lets you “fly JetBlue anywhere you like, as often as you like, from September 8 to October 8″ for only $599.

I love this promotion.

  • It’s so unlike the usual fare cutting, it’s creating a buzz, which saves on advertising expenditures.
  • The marginal cost of each additional passenger on each flight is minimal.
  • It generates a huge flow of cash at once.
  • It boosts business during the down period for air travel after summer is history and kids are back in school.
  • And by providing endless trips on just one airline, this promotion captures market share: buy one of these passes, and you probably won’t book a flight on any other airline if you can avoid it.

That’s one ballsy competitive move.

Of course, another major competitor in the budget sector — like Southwest or Virgin — could try to match it. That could start an aggressive all-you-can-fly war in the airline industry, which would mean great bargains for consumers, and a huge boost for hotels and other travel-related businesses. And though it might bite into industry profit margins, it would jumpstart the moribund air travel market.

Now that’s the kind of stimulus package I think everyone can support.

All-you-can-jet would also mean a lot of really jetlagged people. And suddenly, I’m very happy to be a Starbucks stockholder.

Bon voyages!

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One response to “Prepare for Takeoff. Again. And Again. And Again… JetBlue Offers “All You Can Jet”

  1. I saw this and wished I could take advantage, it’s a really great deal even if you have to pay any taxes along the way (mostly only for travel outside the continental 48).

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