Uh Oh: Death By Blogging

According to the New York Times, three prominent bloggers suffered serious heart attacks in the past five months — Russell Shaw, Marc Orchant, and Om Malik — with Shaw and Orchant going to that big blogosphere in the sky. (May you have infinite comments and pingbacks for all eternity.)Apparently, in a quest to become the next big online pundit, many home-based bloggers have created their own one-person sweatshops. (“If that bag of flatulence Matt Drudge can become a celebrity, so can I!”) So they hover over their computers scanning for news breaks 24/7 and try to out-type their rivals. See the following report by Barely Political…

I told my wife about this, and she asked me not to commit suicide by blogging. (Though I’m sure several of my critics wish I would.) I told her, don’t worry, honey — but let me blog about it first…

One response to “Uh Oh: Death By Blogging

  1. hahaha, I’m glad I don’t have a blog

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